Our entertainment team counsels both talent and industry-side clients in motion pictures, television and radio broadcasting, music, fashion, publishing, photography, content licensing, sports and sponsorship of live sporting events, online entertainment and other entertainment industry matters – helping them protect the most valuable of their tangible as well as intangible assets.

Our attorneys have drafted hundreds of brand licenses and over one thousand advertising talent and production personal services agreements. Our team includes attorneys who have actual experience in the entertainment and fashion industry prior to becoming attorneys. The following areas are included within our representative projects:

  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Motion Picture and Television
  • Celebrity (musical) branded apparel and accessories
  • Representation of supermodel (fashion/celebrity) branded apparel and accessories
  • Music
  • Talent

While our attorneys have extensive client counseling, transactional and negotiation experience, if disputes arise, our attorneys also have entertainment litigation experience.

As a firm, we understand that in the entertainment and new media arenas normal billing procedures may not be applicable. As such, our firm is open to innovative and cost-conscious alternative fee arrangements for profitable and efficient business development.

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