Operating our law firm as a business that thinks outside of the box and treating our clients as partners is what gets us results.

Our culture promotes empowerment to get results through the individual, by embracing diversity, as well as our team’s multidimensional skills and commitment to our clients. It is also defined by steering clear of such things as bureaucracy and internal competition, and insisting upon an unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity.

We pride ourselves on our teamwork, availability, and personalized interactive approach to representation. Our strong, immutable relationships with vendors, experts, and consultants allow us to provide predictability on cost, expectations, and a tangible understanding of the team prior to the advancement of a case. Our teams are built based on the specific skill sets required to fulfill the type and amount of work, and we involve our clients in all aspects of the selection process.

Leveraging our wide range of technical expertise and extensive courtroom experience, our key methodology involves weighing the importance of all claims and liabilities and honing our strategy in on the critical solutions required to reach a settlement and/or successful judge or jury verdict.

We offer full access to all case-related work product, documentation and reporting through the use of the firm’s advanced technological tools and resources in order to ensure full transparency and client involvement.