Our adaptability and progressive approach equate to more business opportunities for everyone – our firm, our colleagues and, most importantly, our clients.

Our commitment to having a flexible, cost-conscious infrastructure with highly competitive rates and customized billing arrangements is a natural fit for addressing today’s economic circumstances. We are able to provide exceptional, professional service at reasonable rates as a result of the experience and efficiency of our attorneys, their specialized focus, and because we do not engage in excessive staffing, associate turnover, or needless duplication of work.

In consideration of the synergy between our clients’ requirements and our personalized approach to meeting the need for the highest caliber of innovative, collaborative representation, we propose customized alternate fee arrangements as is appropriate for your circumstances.

Samplings of the inventive approaches to billing that can be put to work for your organization include:

  • A versatile, collaborative approach to navigating solutions.
    We are not only willing to partner with other firms as needed, but we guarantee access to the full extent of experience and knowledge each attorney in our firm has to offer, without limitation.
  • "Flat" and "Not to exceed" rate structures.
    The breadth of our experience and scope of resources we avail allow us to effectively predict the often "unforeseeable" costs of vendor, consultant and expert opinion services. Through this, we are able to submit cost proposals with a pre-determined maximum expenditure.
  • Annual discounts and rebates on premium billable hours
    On an annual basis, we propose entering into contracts in which certain billing thresholds would trigger increased discounts.